Thursday, February 26, 2009

no more effing wheat bread.

saturday night, doniell and i were grocery shopping. we were getting stuff to make quesidillas for some gentleman friends later that night. so we get to the tortillas and i suggest we get whole wheat cause they're healthier and taste better. but doniell insisted on a different kind because "dude, whole wheat makes people have to poop" so we get nasty little corn tortillas. no big deal.
our weekend came and went (and it was aaawesome!!). wednesday night rolls around and i went to visit doniell at work. i'm a great girlfriend.
i took her a pb&j but since i had nothing better to do and she was still hungry she sent me off to quizno's. i took an order for cory too who said he absolutely had to have whole wheat or he would get fat. there was a lot of whole wheat talk and i was a little bit confused. i forgot about the talk on saturday.

took doniell her sandwich, played around at work (in my gym shorts. what a sight.) and then left. probably ten minutes later i get a text from doniell.
to which i responded "oh crappers! i'm sorry"
"crappers is right!! don't you remember our talk on saturday?"
no, i really didn't. plus she's had a vicious sore throat lately so i've had explicit details as to what fuels the soreness. i assumed it was about that.
so i apologize again and that's the end of it.

until probably 12.30 this morning when i finally do remember our talk on saturday. and almost peed my pants.

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