Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4-wheeling in my 1983 Crown Vic

So. I used to drive this 1983 Ford Crown Vic. Brown. Ugly. Dented. Ugly. Ballin. Whatever. Well one night, E. and I are driving around in my car and I decided I wanted to take it 4-wheeling. So, with E. sitting in the passenger seat, I found us a little patch of dirt and floored it. (well not a patch, but a LOT like an actual lot. like parking LOT, but just a dirt lot. I just didn't say "a little lot of dirt" cuz that sounds unlegit.) OK so i floored it. My car's front end swings all over the place. Elizabeth and I just bust up like a woman's shirt with too tight of buttons. We tried to get hard evidence of this event, however, with the flash on, E.'s camera only took a picture of her reflection of her taking the picture in the windshield. Anyway. By the time drove back over the curb to the actual road, Elizabeth and I were balling we were crying so hard.
Oh dear. I sure do miss Otis. Whatever happend to him/it? Well I sold him/it for $100 to my ex-boss from OMX.
Oh and one day, the windshield was frozen over, but I had to move my car out of this illegal parking spot. ( I had parked illegally becuase i couldn't see where I was going.) E. and I head out to the move the car (windshield still frozen; my defrost didn't work, mind you) and we had no other option than to stick our heads out the window. So here we are, one blonde in the driver's seat and a short haired chocolate in the passanger seat, driving down the road with our heads sticking out the window. And it's not as if we're able to breathe because it was so cold outside.
Well, we got the car parked legally and headed back up to French class looking like a banana creamy and a chocolate one.

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