Monday, September 28, 2009

duuuuummbb as a rock.

i find it hilarious that one of my roommates read my blog and thinks she knows what she's reading. in earlier posts, i stated that "we have broken fibulas and STDs to deal with." turns out one particular person took it literally and got all freaked out that she was going to get an STD from my boyfriend. I will just let her run with this one. In fact, i'm now infected, she's probably infected becuase he rubbed his STD ridden genitals all over the sinks in both bathrooms. And when I was showering, now that i'm infected because he and i have so much sex, i accidentally let the water hit my genitals and now the shower has STD all over it. so. shit i guess. these STDs are getting way out of control and the government should probably include this information in the 2010 census and lock up all the people that have STDs so the perfect, clean, angelic world on the outside can't be infected. :)

also. here come the devil child posters.

dragon is on FIRE.

Monday, September 21, 2009


is pretty awesome. in fact, i'm typing this blog post from linux. my desktop is all linux minty and so is my screen saver and stuff and so yeah. i'm going to try to triple boot my computer. becuase why? idk it's fun. what's the point? there is none. it's just fun. oK??? and also. I missed PT again this morning. I'm really having issues.

I'm straight up broke. People keep offering me loans but I will only accept one from a bank. and so far no banking institution has offered me a loan. I am debating whether to sell my sound system or not. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it driving away in someone else's car. but i need the money. I think i could only get like 350 out of it but thats still a month's rent right there. but here's the ultimate question: is a month's rent worth parting with my two beautiful subwoofers? i'm receiving a no.

I've applied at a few other places for a job and we'll see what happens, but if plans to move into a different establishment with different persons next year are going to be set into stone, then i really need to have a better income. especially if i want to have hermit crabs (ashley and gunther will be their names) and a puppy and a kitten and fish. and a vaccuum. unfortunately, logan isn't much of a market for prostitution.

last item of business, i'm coloring my hair back to my natural brownish black color due to the cost of maintaining other colors that aren't natural. :(

aaand linux is still cool.
and M too.
and E of course.
dragon out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Air Force.

Is dope.

I got yelled at today and it was fantastic. I was two minutes late so I had to drop down and do 15 pushups. and then later in the class we were too comfortable standing at attention so we had to do 15 more push ups. its pretty legit.

k bye.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

me and the E hate college cuz its full of bollege.

i think that title very well speaks for itself. the only good thing that college has brought me so far is M and also the Air Force.

the AF is dooooooope for sure. but aanyway. so turns out both elizabeth and i can't stand college very well at all. i guess that's an issue seeing as it's kind of important to get a degree. We both tend to just sleep through classes [of no importance anyway] and not do the homework and be depressed and very UNmotivated.

I, however, realized that the explanation for my lack of motivation as of late was due to my diet. Every since M, I have become a member of what we like to call, The Cool Fat Kids Club. (side note: it was the Fat Kids' Club but it had to be changed due to Sloth becoming a member. and we don't like sloth. so we excommunicated ourselves, and made The Cool Fat Kids Club.) But so i have been eating reeeaally bad food at an obscene rate. Well, I turned into a super duper biznitch all of a sudden and it made M second guess some things i'm sure. That's when i realized i needed to not be that way anymore.

Diet changed. Exersice back on schedule. But now we have broken fibulas and STD's to deal with. so. i am doing all i can to try and keep myself motivated to do my school work and to also try and think of new, creative ways to make M not be miserable.

Elizabeth, on the other hand. is keeping herself happy by cutting her hair for free due to her new job as a nanny for her hairdresser. dude. my skin MAY be a tiny bit green because my hair hasn't been done in a few MONTHS. which is quite hard on me. haha.

The Shack isn't cutting it paycheck wise. If it weren't for my dad, rent would not be paid for the month of October. But the month of November is still looming in the air. At 10 hours a week, i seem to be slowly sinking into the pit of financial nothingness. which is also very unusual for me, making it hard to grasp. or accept, rather. I'm trying to get a 2nd job, but leaving certain objects of affection (ie: my shrimp and stuffffffffffff) would be a difficult issue to deal with every weekend if i go back to the OMX. I had an interview at Maurice's the other day, but she said she is doing 2nd interviews next week, and I just don't know if I can wait that long for the money.

Student loans are an option, but i already have a loan out on my car, and I am trying to get through college debt free. (too bad i can't run as fast as d. lang and just be on full-ride even if i dont have too much of a brain.)

other than that, life is good. I am headed back on my "think positive" track, because when i was consistently "thinking positive," i was always happy. and happy moja is what we like to see. Right, Elizabeth? that's what i thought.

here's a picture in the mean time.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the shack. love it. and possibly him....??

so. i work at the shack as we all know. things are pretty good except for the hours. but that's ok. le garçon à la SHACK a mon coeur. need i say more? i think not.

send a text message for more info.