Monday, August 31, 2009

Class fees

So i just spent 80 bucks on freakin tickets for my stupid creative arts class. we have to go to the theatre and watch plays, which i love doing, but not when i have to buy all of them myself. good lord.

one thing i do love, however, is getting up at 5 30 and getting to the school by 0550 to go workout with the cadets. and i'm not even being sarcastic. i honestly had a ton of fun this morning.

also, i hope to be starting my hip hop dance class this wednesday. DOOPPPE!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ok new update YEAH. somebody say "yeaaaah"

newest update:

Last night i was feeling super super sick cuz of the stupid chinese food at the mall where i work. so
B dawg and i almost didn't hang out. but then he texted me and asked if he could come see me and i was just like "whatevs yo i'm still sick but it's all dope" or something like that that was ballin and chill.

he comes over. we watch miss congeniality and it was fun.

next item of business:

i went to a meeting for The SHACK today and my hell some of the other SHACK people are really weird. So. That was a good way to put me on edge this morning. Granted, i learned a ton and am really glad i went but this one dude like would not shut up! we were talking about how we were in college and stuff and he just kept going "ah yeah yeah i remember that. you just have to keep pushin through. just keep pushin through." and all this other bull shit that i've already been told 560 times. i was bugged for sure.

then i went and met up with elizabeth at gateway (OH MY GOD IT WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD TO SEE YOU DUDE.) and we chatted it up cuz we tend to talk a lot. then we went back to her dad's apt. and i ate her cereal and cookies and then we slept. see bottom pic. (up)

then i went home and snagged a few things from my house and ran into my mom at the gas station so that was pretty convenient.

then i came home to logan and john took me out to a really nice steak and seafood restaurant and gave me all the leftovers. :) YES I LOVE MY STEP DAAAAAD!

then i came back, watched an hour of MTV and then my roommates and i went bowling. see pic at top. well i bowled a 59. my very last frame, i told my roommates that this next bowl was called "The MOJA." so i head up to the lane, begin to throw my ball and slip, ball flies out into lane, i fall, land on my stomach, do a full 180 IN the lane, look back, and there was my strike.

Friday, August 28, 2009

my nephew morgan is the least disappointing boy in my life right now.
i sincerely hope he doesn't grow up to be a womanizer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dope night. preeetttty dope night for SURE.

so i have this new friend, well ok like 80 new friends, but the one i'm referring to right now will be called "T." So T and I have astronomy class together. T decided not to buy a textbook. I decided i'm ok with him and I sharing :) aaanyway. not sayin i'm into him just yet but the dude is legit and he is a study buddy for a class that i personally find really boring. (side note: d. lang is in that class but won't talk to me for some reason because he finds it to be an "awkward situation." oh well i guess.)

SO. i head over to T's house to do some astronomical reading, and we did some very uninteresting reading. something about 9 trillion 460 billion kilometers away from the sun and something about supernovae and local solar neighborhood and raisin cake. yeah idk i learned a lot.

we head back over to my apartment and he chats it up with my roommate for a while, turns out they know eachother, and then leaves.

An hour later, J (my roommate), S (other roommate), and I leave for the "foam dance" up on campus. Well who do i run into? MY BEST FRIEND MATT and Devon and Alicia and Trevor and a girl I don't know. Me and Devon all grind up on eachother (even though i am not a fan of grinding so i just kinda bobbed up and down like yeeaaahh) and Matt and Alicia grinded (ground??) and so it was definitely a party.

THEN. i be a good little hostess and take the group of us back to my apartment and we all pop into the hot tub and pool and have fun. Devon i think just broke up with his gf like 2 weeks ago so he was bein nice and flirty. ;) not a problem there.

so we had an awesome time. In the hot tub i see people i already know and meet new people and turns out my tattoo is a hit. although, for some reason, people keep thinking its dragon. oh well i guess.

they just left. I'm sitting in bed typing this. Gotta get up for JCOMM tomorrow in which i get to see my zumiez dudes. so. DOPE. needless to say. tonight was pretty dope.

hey Elizabeth... i love you dude. you need to be up here because classes are so much fun and you actually want to do the work for them and becuase people up here are all so eager to meet everyone else. can't wait for the day when you and i are roomies yo.

volleyball? not so much.

So i just got back from playing volley ball in the sand with some dudes from my complex. well too bad i've completely lost my skill.

it all started with my roommate and me laying out in the sun by the pool. all the dudes left and one came back like 10 minutes later and asked if we wanted to play. i told him that i wasnt that good and he very reluctantly said, "thats ok..." haha so my roommate and i went on over to the pit and began playing. yeah. she's skilled. i'm not. whatever. suddenly, one of the dudes noticed my tattoo. well the best way to piss me off is to call my tattoo a dragon after i keep telling you that it's a phoenix bird. So they started calling us "team dragon." dope. ???????

finally it came time to peace out. well they were all sorts of into my roommate and got her number and all that and i was just standing by the side. looking silly with my fucking dragon. then one of the dudes was like "well phoenix it was nice to meet you." haha so i guess now they refer to me as "phoenix."

tonight i'm going to a "foam dance" which sounds pretty legit. but i have just been informed that there is dye in the foam which will stain your clothes. so. how am i supposed to look cute if i can't wear cute clothes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

updated picture of me while not being soaked from the rain

Classes that i'm taking.

so my schedule is as follows:


  • PT work out with the cadets at 6 AM
  • Creative Arts in the auditorium with 200 other ppl
  • nothing for the rest of the day. niiiice
  • JCOMM 1500 with Zumiez dudes.
  • Astronomy with Devin (who idk what his deal is.) and with Tanner... dude for a future story who was told by my roommates boy toy that i am psycho.
  • same as monday only add my Aerospace Studies class after Creative Arts
  • Same as tuesday only add my Air Force leadership lab in the evening
  • same as monday.

these dudes are so weird. and i'm broke. and zumiez is dope.

so. today i went into The Shack, my new job up in Logan, and i took some clothes with me to get them approved by my boss so i could wear them to work. well. turns out, only 1 shirt and 1 pair of pants get approved. i'm screwed right? yes becuause i have zilch dollars till friday. So i head on over to Maurice's cuz my boss's wife works there. turns out she's dope. well we're running around finding all this stuff and i am like "wait. i only have freakin 20 bucks."

so i walk out of the store with one shirt. one. button up. black. shirt. thats it. so. until friday i will be wearing the same outfit to work. so. shit.

but. what store is across from the shack?? Zumiez. Who works at Zumiez? the dope dude from my JCOMM class. His name is B. And he also has this friend named C. So after i was at The Shack getting my clothes approved, i stopped into Zumiez and said "wut up" to my homie, B. Well, this dude decided that in Zumiez, they give people hugs. Haha so I'm all giving people hugs all up in Zumiez! DOPE! Well on my way out, B dawg said to stop in on my way out of the mall.

So i head over to Maurices... yada yada (read 3 paragraphs up) and then head back over to Zumiez to say "peace out" to B dawg. He's legit.

Well at this point, the other B is with me. So we're walking out of the mall and he like. idk. he's acting weird. Definitely not the same as the first time i had met him when me and elizabeth hung out at cold stone.

So we're walking out to my car and the dude like can't stop twitching. So i was like hmmmm. am i wearing pants? am i wearing a shirt? ok so i'm wearing both very conservative pants and a shirt, (believe it or not) yet the dude is still all twitchy. So we get out to my car and since he isn't saying anything, i go on this rant about how i just spent 25 bucks on one single black shirt. but the whole time i'm talking he wont quit moving. and........ yeah. not the same as i remember. so oh well i guess. pictures and words can be deceiving, and i should know by now to not say things until i'm absolutely positive about who i'm saying them to.

But i'm sitting her blogging this, its a few hours later, and B texts me and said he wanted to kiss me. well. we all know why i cant be kissed without permission. and also we all know that i dont like touchy feely canoodly bull shit. so i texted him back and said i'm glad he didn't, and now he's all hurt about it.


W and L are still buggin. I mean honestly they will NOT leave a sister alone. you'd think that if i dont text them for like 3 days they'd get the picture. apparantly not. W facebooks me today and says "um if you want space and i'm bugging you just let me know."

"well hello mr dumb shit, the fact that i haven't texted you back for a week should be hint enough that i dont want to talk to you ever again becuase you went off about your messed up past on our DATE." so W decides to text elizabeth and ask, "um what did i do to doniell?" gee i dont fucking know????!?!??!?!

and so then L texts me today and says, "um did i do something to upset you?"

???????????? my hell.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Caught in the Rain

so i decide to take my bike around campus and look for my classes before school starts. figured it would be a smart decision. it was until it started pouring and i decided to book it home. it was raining so hard my contacts kept getting filled with rain and i was then blinded. while riding my bike home. awesome tho.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baaadddd Date.

So. Dude from Ogden, who we shall refer to as "L", came up to Logan and took me out on date. Dope! I mean he's a way nice dude, and I got free food from Olive Garden, so why not.

Well the date started out well. I wore this really cute little outfit and it was never awkward between the two of us. So dinner was good. We pretty much got our food immediately and it tasted FABULOUS. Then we somehow got on the subject of sex and why people do it and what it means to different people, etc. Then things got weird.

We left the restaurant and were going to go to a movie, but due the the odd sex talk, I didn't quite feel ok to go sit in a dark movie theatre with the dude. So I asked him that since he was so familiar with Logan and I was not, if he would show me the main places to be and hang out and all that. So we drove around and he was very nice and showed me the places yada yada. But then. You could tell he wanted to be, well, not in the car driving around..........
So I told him it was about time I head home for the night. When we got to my apartment, I made a really bad decision and invited him in. He went into my room and sat right down. Next thing I know he's telling me all about his "abusive childhood." He began with telling me how is best friend, Bean, is the "ying to his yang." He said the following, and I quote as directly as possible:

"When I was 10, my mom left my father and took me and my sister and brother to California. She married this guy who was really mean to us. They used to beat me. I have no scars. They were very smart about it, see. (long pause) They used a wooden paddle that had hearts engraved into it and the words "welcome." She hangs it on her door to this day. This is when my mental disorder began.

One day I decided to leave. I was 12. I told her I was leaving and called my dad and he was there within 9 hours. He went 800 miles in 9 hours.

When I got back home, my disorder was pretty developed. I was always angry, I threw things, yelled for no reason. So when I got back into school, I didn't talk to anyone. One day, in TLC class, a boy came and sat down right next to me. I felt honored because he was really popular and I wasn't. He was really into acting and art; I was really into computers and techincal things. I only knew how to see the world in black and white. As he and I became friends, he taught me how to see the world in color. I never make an important decision without him."

So blah blah basically that's it but this whole time I'm sitting there on my chair, texting my roommate asking if she's listening to this. People. Please realize that this is our FIRST. DATE. Needless to say, I will most definitely not be going out with L again.

A memo to all dudes who take girls out on dates: DO NOT talk, mention, whisper, text, breathe, swallow, write, cry, or even so much as HINT that you had an abusive child hood on the first date. Or the second. Or even the third. OR EVEN EVER. That is something that you do not discuss until after you are engaged. And maybe even not then. We don't care that you had a hard childhood. Becuase you know why? Everyone says that. If you are expecting our sympathy, do not bring up an abusive childhood. Maybe bring up how you didn't make your high school foot ball team, or maybe even how you got a bad score on a test. But NEVER. NEVER. tell me about your messed up past on the first date.