Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digging Through the OMX Garbage

A lady calls officemax and Elizabeth answers the phone.

"Thanks for calling your Layton officemax this is Elizabeth how can I help you?"

"um hi yes I was just there and I think I left my son's prescription in the outside garbage can. I just really need it so can you go check if it's in there?"

"yes... one moment." (over the radio) "well guys, a lady needs me to go dig through the garbage can for her son's medicine so i'll uh, be out there if you need me. ha... eww"

doniell: "dude I got your back." (runs out to garbage can and digs. finds arby's bag and shopko bag. goes inside. gets on line 1)

"ok so I've got the two bags now what am I looking for?"

"um just a little white box"

"nope nothing here but some horsey sauce, a roast beef sandwich box, and some receipts. sorry mam."

"ok thanks."

e. "that's friendship right there."

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