Saturday, February 28, 2009

Warrant for my arrest?????

My mom calls me yesterday and says, "Doniell, you got a letter from the court..." well of course I have no idea what it's about so I'm like "eh ok whatever. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything." So I get home, open the letter, and the first word I read is "delinquent." What the crap!!!??? As I read on further it says something about a warrant for arrest being released. So I call E. and tell her what I've just read. Now SHE'S all confused too. I have never been so puzzled in my life.

I hurry and call the Layton County Clerk's Office to find out what exactly is going on, and she tells me that I got a ticket on December 29 at some place in Layton in my Crown Vic. Well first of all, I sold Otis on the 19th of December, so it wasn't me. Second of all, I don't even know where that place in Layton is. Finally I realize what happened. The guy I sold the car to, my ex boss from OMX, didn't register the car. So he gets the ticket and lays it on me. Doesn't tell me. Doesn't pay it. Nothing. Well I figured I'd just call him and see what was going on. Guess what. The number is disconnected! Great.

I guess all I have to do is have proof that I sold the car, and I thought I did until I couldn't find the 2 copies of the title and bill of sale that I made. So on monday i'm going to the DMV to get some proof that it isn't mine.

Yeah. Pretty frustrating afternoon. Funny. But frustrating.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digging Through the OMX Garbage

A lady calls officemax and Elizabeth answers the phone.

"Thanks for calling your Layton officemax this is Elizabeth how can I help you?"

"um hi yes I was just there and I think I left my son's prescription in the outside garbage can. I just really need it so can you go check if it's in there?"

"yes... one moment." (over the radio) "well guys, a lady needs me to go dig through the garbage can for her son's medicine so i'll uh, be out there if you need me. ha... eww"

doniell: "dude I got your back." (runs out to garbage can and digs. finds arby's bag and shopko bag. goes inside. gets on line 1)

"ok so I've got the two bags now what am I looking for?"

"um just a little white box"

"nope nothing here but some horsey sauce, a roast beef sandwich box, and some receipts. sorry mam."

"ok thanks."

e. "that's friendship right there."

no more effing wheat bread.

saturday night, doniell and i were grocery shopping. we were getting stuff to make quesidillas for some gentleman friends later that night. so we get to the tortillas and i suggest we get whole wheat cause they're healthier and taste better. but doniell insisted on a different kind because "dude, whole wheat makes people have to poop" so we get nasty little corn tortillas. no big deal.
our weekend came and went (and it was aaawesome!!). wednesday night rolls around and i went to visit doniell at work. i'm a great girlfriend.
i took her a pb&j but since i had nothing better to do and she was still hungry she sent me off to quizno's. i took an order for cory too who said he absolutely had to have whole wheat or he would get fat. there was a lot of whole wheat talk and i was a little bit confused. i forgot about the talk on saturday.

took doniell her sandwich, played around at work (in my gym shorts. what a sight.) and then left. probably ten minutes later i get a text from doniell.
to which i responded "oh crappers! i'm sorry"
"crappers is right!! don't you remember our talk on saturday?"
no, i really didn't. plus she's had a vicious sore throat lately so i've had explicit details as to what fuels the soreness. i assumed it was about that.
so i apologize again and that's the end of it.

until probably 12.30 this morning when i finally do remember our talk on saturday. and almost peed my pants.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4-wheeling in my 1983 Crown Vic

So. I used to drive this 1983 Ford Crown Vic. Brown. Ugly. Dented. Ugly. Ballin. Whatever. Well one night, E. and I are driving around in my car and I decided I wanted to take it 4-wheeling. So, with E. sitting in the passenger seat, I found us a little patch of dirt and floored it. (well not a patch, but a LOT like an actual lot. like parking LOT, but just a dirt lot. I just didn't say "a little lot of dirt" cuz that sounds unlegit.) OK so i floored it. My car's front end swings all over the place. Elizabeth and I just bust up like a woman's shirt with too tight of buttons. We tried to get hard evidence of this event, however, with the flash on, E.'s camera only took a picture of her reflection of her taking the picture in the windshield. Anyway. By the time drove back over the curb to the actual road, Elizabeth and I were balling we were crying so hard.
Oh dear. I sure do miss Otis. Whatever happend to him/it? Well I sold him/it for $100 to my ex-boss from OMX.
Oh and one day, the windshield was frozen over, but I had to move my car out of this illegal parking spot. ( I had parked illegally becuase i couldn't see where I was going.) E. and I head out to the move the car (windshield still frozen; my defrost didn't work, mind you) and we had no other option than to stick our heads out the window. So here we are, one blonde in the driver's seat and a short haired chocolate in the passanger seat, driving down the road with our heads sticking out the window. And it's not as if we're able to breathe because it was so cold outside.
Well, we got the car parked legally and headed back up to French class looking like a banana creamy and a chocolate one.

and meet elizabeth!

soo i'm elizabeth. i'm kind of awkward and i really like pizza.
doniell is loud and outgoing and i just follow her around and make sure she stays out of trouble. usually she just gets me into it. somehow we make it work. we spend most of our time at office max. the smell is getting to me.
(have you ever been around so many office supplies for so long you can actually tell if they smell? it's not awesome.)

so. hello.

meet doniell.

So I'm Doniell. I drive us everywhere and it is in my past 4 cars that all of our adventures have taken place. My default outfit is my work uniform. I'm always in my OMX uniform. I'm also the more outgoing and less reserved one of the two of us. Elizabeth just likes cats.


so..this blog is to be dedicated to the adventures of Elizabeth (pronounced Ee-Liz-Uh-Beth) and Doniell (pronounced Dawn-Yell)...combining forces to become Eloniell!!
Get ready.