Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picking up Chris and Tracy from the airport

I was pretty sure i could do it. i mean, it's not THAT hard. I left in time to go down and park in the parking garage. I go to the parking garage and park. I look around and it's all pretty much really nice cars around me... Then it made sense why the sign in front of me said "Hertz 46." They were all rentals. I back out, and go ask the dude how the crap i get into the civilian parking garage becuase i just want to pick up my cousin and his girlfriend who are in the navy. he tells me with his indian accent "go out and pollow de exit sign and go lebt. den curb back around and go back in to da lebt."

....ok thanks. so i do just that. aaaaaand ended up in the same spot. so i end up going out AGAIN and parking in the economy parking lot. i walk in following the "Walkway to Terminals" sign, and meet up with Chris and Tracy. We grab their bags and head out to the parking lot... i thought. After walking the perimeter or the airport, i realized i had no idea where my car went. We ended up jumping one barrier and another fence and i finally found my car. but that's not all. we were driving home and chris was so into my pod and my system that he forgot to tell me where to exit. we ended up exiting off I-80 east and driving in some dirt road in some city. Well we finally made it home and I ended up having to call matt once i left to navigate me back home.

I called him and he was like "ok, now tell me what street you're on and what direction you're heading.

D: "I'm on 5400 West going east."

M: "doniell east/west streets go north and south..."

D: "WELL. F. idk where the crap i am."

so we go through this whole run around somehow i missed Bangerter, Redwood Road, and I-215. finally he navigates me back to I-15 where i head home.

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