Thursday, November 26, 2009

Food Stamps

M and I are at walmart after a long drive home from wyoming and we got our shiznit that we needed and went to the checkout. so whatevs right? nothing out of the ordinary. Well I'm standing by the register putting my wallet away and i'm listening to the girl in line after me.

now dont take the following description as me being judgemental, its just me giving you a visual. She is really tall, medium weight for a tall girl, black hair, monroe piercing, skater shoes, low cut shirt with boobies hanging out, LOOTS of black eyeliner, and lots of foundation make-up. She is with two dudes: one dressed normal and one with a flat cap on, turned to the side of course, a gianormous hickie on the front left of his neck, baggy pants, a wife beater under a zip up hoodie that was, yes, unzipped. you get the picture.

well, as i'm standing there putting my wallet away, i hear her ask the cashier for a pack of cigs. one of the dudes with her says, "you can't put that on the food stamps card."

She replies, "no i'll just slide the food stamps card for the other stuff."

I literally stopped for a second and stared. Here's what was going through my head. We have a girl spending all her money on lots of eyeliner, piercings, foundation, and cigarettes, and she is using FOOD STAMPS. like seriously. I'm not down with this situation at all. I'm scrounging for money to go buy stuff to eat for breakfast, and she has a f***ing food stamps card but spends her own money on CIGARETTES. really. this is an issue.

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