Monday, September 21, 2009


is pretty awesome. in fact, i'm typing this blog post from linux. my desktop is all linux minty and so is my screen saver and stuff and so yeah. i'm going to try to triple boot my computer. becuase why? idk it's fun. what's the point? there is none. it's just fun. oK??? and also. I missed PT again this morning. I'm really having issues.

I'm straight up broke. People keep offering me loans but I will only accept one from a bank. and so far no banking institution has offered me a loan. I am debating whether to sell my sound system or not. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it driving away in someone else's car. but i need the money. I think i could only get like 350 out of it but thats still a month's rent right there. but here's the ultimate question: is a month's rent worth parting with my two beautiful subwoofers? i'm receiving a no.

I've applied at a few other places for a job and we'll see what happens, but if plans to move into a different establishment with different persons next year are going to be set into stone, then i really need to have a better income. especially if i want to have hermit crabs (ashley and gunther will be their names) and a puppy and a kitten and fish. and a vaccuum. unfortunately, logan isn't much of a market for prostitution.

last item of business, i'm coloring my hair back to my natural brownish black color due to the cost of maintaining other colors that aren't natural. :(

aaand linux is still cool.
and M too.
and E of course.
dragon out.

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  1. Actually, Logan has the biggest prostitution ring in the state of Utah, dead serious. They get away with it because the Logan police are customers. I have family in Logan that know things...