Monday, September 28, 2009

duuuuummbb as a rock.

i find it hilarious that one of my roommates read my blog and thinks she knows what she's reading. in earlier posts, i stated that "we have broken fibulas and STDs to deal with." turns out one particular person took it literally and got all freaked out that she was going to get an STD from my boyfriend. I will just let her run with this one. In fact, i'm now infected, she's probably infected becuase he rubbed his STD ridden genitals all over the sinks in both bathrooms. And when I was showering, now that i'm infected because he and i have so much sex, i accidentally let the water hit my genitals and now the shower has STD all over it. so. shit i guess. these STDs are getting way out of control and the government should probably include this information in the 2010 census and lock up all the people that have STDs so the perfect, clean, angelic world on the outside can't be infected. :)

also. here come the devil child posters.

dragon is on FIRE.

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