Wednesday, August 26, 2009

volleyball? not so much.

So i just got back from playing volley ball in the sand with some dudes from my complex. well too bad i've completely lost my skill.

it all started with my roommate and me laying out in the sun by the pool. all the dudes left and one came back like 10 minutes later and asked if we wanted to play. i told him that i wasnt that good and he very reluctantly said, "thats ok..." haha so my roommate and i went on over to the pit and began playing. yeah. she's skilled. i'm not. whatever. suddenly, one of the dudes noticed my tattoo. well the best way to piss me off is to call my tattoo a dragon after i keep telling you that it's a phoenix bird. So they started calling us "team dragon." dope. ???????

finally it came time to peace out. well they were all sorts of into my roommate and got her number and all that and i was just standing by the side. looking silly with my fucking dragon. then one of the dudes was like "well phoenix it was nice to meet you." haha so i guess now they refer to me as "phoenix."

tonight i'm going to a "foam dance" which sounds pretty legit. but i have just been informed that there is dye in the foam which will stain your clothes. so. how am i supposed to look cute if i can't wear cute clothes.

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