Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dope night. preeetttty dope night for SURE.

so i have this new friend, well ok like 80 new friends, but the one i'm referring to right now will be called "T." So T and I have astronomy class together. T decided not to buy a textbook. I decided i'm ok with him and I sharing :) aaanyway. not sayin i'm into him just yet but the dude is legit and he is a study buddy for a class that i personally find really boring. (side note: d. lang is in that class but won't talk to me for some reason because he finds it to be an "awkward situation." oh well i guess.)

SO. i head over to T's house to do some astronomical reading, and we did some very uninteresting reading. something about 9 trillion 460 billion kilometers away from the sun and something about supernovae and local solar neighborhood and raisin cake. yeah idk i learned a lot.

we head back over to my apartment and he chats it up with my roommate for a while, turns out they know eachother, and then leaves.

An hour later, J (my roommate), S (other roommate), and I leave for the "foam dance" up on campus. Well who do i run into? MY BEST FRIEND MATT and Devon and Alicia and Trevor and a girl I don't know. Me and Devon all grind up on eachother (even though i am not a fan of grinding so i just kinda bobbed up and down like yeeaaahh) and Matt and Alicia grinded (ground??) and so it was definitely a party.

THEN. i be a good little hostess and take the group of us back to my apartment and we all pop into the hot tub and pool and have fun. Devon i think just broke up with his gf like 2 weeks ago so he was bein nice and flirty. ;) not a problem there.

so we had an awesome time. In the hot tub i see people i already know and meet new people and turns out my tattoo is a hit. although, for some reason, people keep thinking its dragon. oh well i guess.

they just left. I'm sitting in bed typing this. Gotta get up for JCOMM tomorrow in which i get to see my zumiez dudes. so. DOPE. needless to say. tonight was pretty dope.

hey Elizabeth... i love you dude. you need to be up here because classes are so much fun and you actually want to do the work for them and becuase people up here are all so eager to meet everyone else. can't wait for the day when you and i are roomies yo.

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