Tuesday, August 25, 2009

these dudes are so weird. and i'm broke. and zumiez is dope.

so. today i went into The Shack, my new job up in Logan, and i took some clothes with me to get them approved by my boss so i could wear them to work. well. turns out, only 1 shirt and 1 pair of pants get approved. i'm screwed right? yes becuause i have zilch dollars till friday. So i head on over to Maurice's cuz my boss's wife works there. turns out she's dope. well we're running around finding all this stuff and i am like "wait. i only have freakin 20 bucks."

so i walk out of the store with one shirt. one. button up. black. shirt. thats it. so. until friday i will be wearing the same outfit to work. so. shit.

but. what store is across from the shack?? Zumiez. Who works at Zumiez? the dope dude from my JCOMM class. His name is B. And he also has this friend named C. So after i was at The Shack getting my clothes approved, i stopped into Zumiez and said "wut up" to my homie, B. Well, this dude decided that in Zumiez, they give people hugs. Haha so I'm all giving people hugs all up in Zumiez! DOPE! Well on my way out, B dawg said to stop in on my way out of the mall.

So i head over to Maurices... yada yada (read 3 paragraphs up) and then head back over to Zumiez to say "peace out" to B dawg. He's legit.

Well at this point, the other B is with me. So we're walking out of the mall and he like. idk. he's acting weird. Definitely not the same as the first time i had met him when me and elizabeth hung out at cold stone.

So we're walking out to my car and the dude like can't stop twitching. So i was like hmmmm. am i wearing pants? am i wearing a shirt? ok so i'm wearing both very conservative pants and a shirt, (believe it or not) yet the dude is still all twitchy. So we get out to my car and since he isn't saying anything, i go on this rant about how i just spent 25 bucks on one single black shirt. but the whole time i'm talking he wont quit moving. and........ yeah. not the same as i remember. so oh well i guess. pictures and words can be deceiving, and i should know by now to not say things until i'm absolutely positive about who i'm saying them to.

But i'm sitting her blogging this, its a few hours later, and B texts me and said he wanted to kiss me. well. we all know why i cant be kissed without permission. and also we all know that i dont like touchy feely canoodly bull shit. so i texted him back and said i'm glad he didn't, and now he's all hurt about it.


W and L are still buggin. I mean honestly they will NOT leave a sister alone. you'd think that if i dont text them for like 3 days they'd get the picture. apparantly not. W facebooks me today and says "um if you want space and i'm bugging you just let me know."

"well hello mr dumb shit, the fact that i haven't texted you back for a week should be hint enough that i dont want to talk to you ever again becuase you went off about your messed up past on our DATE." so W decides to text elizabeth and ask, "um what did i do to doniell?" gee i dont fucking know????!?!??!?!

and so then L texts me today and says, "um did i do something to upset you?"

???????????? my hell.

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  1. "we all know why i cant be kissed without permission."

    Is that sarcastic? Cuz...I don't know. And....yeah.